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About Linyi University

Linyi University (called LYU hereafter) is a comprehensive state-run university in Shandong Province. The predecessor of LYU is the Coastal Nation- Founding Institute, co- established by CPC Coastal District Committee and the first branch of Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College in 1941. Guided by Yimeng Spirits, LYU has achieved a leap-forward development with over 200,000 graduates in over 70 years who make great contributions to Shandong province and the nation. On November 26, 2010, the university was renamed Linyi University by the Ministry of Education.

Currently, the university has 19 colleges, 9 scientific and research institutions, 2 branch campuses and one affiliated high school. It offers a total of 77 undergraduate degree programs which cover 10 scholarly disciplines: literature, law, economics, history, education, management, science, engineering, agriculture and arts. The university enrolls the students from all over the country and now has an enrollment of over 39,000 full-time students and more than 2,700 full-time teachers, 722 of whom are professors or associate professors, 1250 have gained doctoral or master’s degrees and over 80 are tutors of masters and doctors. There are nine provincial key disciplines, 5 provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial key research base of humanity and social sciences, 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers now in the university. The total value of teaching equipment is up to 250 million yuan and the library owns 4,200 thousand paper books. An advanced digital campus system has been established in the university which ranks first in similar universities. 

The university deepens the reform of education, and closely integrated with the local practical situation in Linyi, innovatively implements " A system with two branches" application-oriented cultivating model to make students highly-qualified applied talents with Yimeng spirits and international perspective. In particular, the implementation of “3-3-3-6” project helps to achieve the combination of moral, intellectual, aesthetic and physical education hence the university has been invited to make typical speeches in national conferences for many times to share the experience. The Museum of LYU History won the first prize in the Outstanding Achievement Award of the National Campus Culture Construction. In the latest five years, the university has received two national teaching achievement awards, 18 provincial teaching achievement awards and has established two national leading specialties, 5 provincial leading specialties, 15 courses as the excellent provincial courses and bilingual teaching demonstration courses in Shandong. Meanwhile, the teaching quality has been improving continuously, the employment rate of the graduates ranked second among provincial universities in these two years.

Adhering to the principle of “Serving Yimeng”, the university vigorously promote production-study-research combination. A regional economic collaborative innovation center and cultural heritage collaborative innovation center have been established to form strategic partnerships with over 100 enterprises and local governments hence improve the scientific and innovative abilities. In these five years, a total of 1550 research projects have been made including 36 National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Fund Project. 411 research awards at all levels have been obtained. What’s more, nearly 100 scientific and technological achievements have been transferred to the local regions. A large number of research achievements have been applied in local area to make more contributions to the construction of regional innovative system. 

The university has established cooperative relationships with higher education institutions from 60 countries including the U.S., the U.K., Korea, Japan exchange students, mutually recognize credits as well as co-educate undergraduates and postgraduates. In addition, co-established institutions have been set up in LYU, such as Co-operative Golf School,Software School, Linyi Graduate School of Suwon University, Educational Center of Suwon Science College and so on. Besides, more than 10 majors are available for oversea students. 9 Sino-foreign cooperative programs are run on campus. Over 50 foreign teachers are employed and more than 200 overseas students are studying in LYU. As for domestic cooperation, cooperative relationships have been set up with more than 50 colleges and universities for exchange and communication. The university has joint programs to cultivate postgraduate with Wuhan University, Shandong University, Shandong Normal University and Jinan University.

The university's educational achievements have been fully affirmed and highly appraised by the government and the local people. The CPC Building Work Experience has been selected twice as typical materials for the National Conference of University Party Building. National Party Spirit Educational Base for Universities, Shandong Research Center of Marxism, Provincial University Educational Base of Anti-corruption and Fine Tradition together with Shanghai Teacher’s Social Practical Base of Political Education has been set up in the university. The university also successfully hosted National Party Building Training for universities, the "First secretary" training of Shandong Province and the First National University Students' Traditional Sports-meeting, which help to enlarge the impact of the university.

At present, the university has opened a new chapter. All the staff and students of Linyi University are striving for building a top university in Huaihai Economic Zone, among the national old universities and similar universities all over the country as well as making more contributions to promote the construction of a powerful economic and cultural province and to build an all-around affluent society!

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